In Tripus we manage assembly of your product. How does it work? You deliver elements and specification – we put them together into a finished product.
We offer:

  • assembly lines and stations for assembling the finished product
  • soldering, pressing, twisting elements
  • wire processing and cable harness making
  • elements marking (labels, pad printing, printed markers on wires
  • packing
  • assembled elements controlling in accordance with the client’s guidelines

Current transformer from one of our clients

An example

To fully illustrate our assembly service, we will use an example of transformer systems installation from entrusted elements from energy industry client. Making a transformer system service which consists of:

  • assembly wires cutting and processing
  • solder connection of wires with transformers
  • heat-shrinkable sleeves application
  • electrical connector mounting
  • system electrical checking via tester
  • packing according to customer specification

Why us?

Compared to the competition, we are distinguished by such features as:

  • fast and professional order fulfillment
  • high quality of services
  • flexibility in adapting to customer needs
  • qualified staff
  • timely execution and attractive prices


Finished product

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