Housing system W

Housing system W

Discover our very compact housing system W.
Take advantage of the very extensive combination possibilities with a various range of add-on components to create your application.


The very compact design with or without plug-in connection, as well as with our without buttons enables many individual combination possibilities to create your specific solution for smallest places.

Plug-in or cable gland

To feed in your solution a wide range of different plug-ins like Schuko, CEE, etc… are available. Additional add-on components like coupling holders, splash guard covers or integrated phase inverters complete the system.

If the plug-in version is not the right solution, the feeding of your solution can be done by a cable gland or a specified cable connection with or without plug.

Positioning of buttons

The four selectable button positions, top, back, left or right brings a high flexibility for the assembly location of your solution.
Additional add-on components such as transparent covers with a coloured frame or flip-top lid extending the system.

Choose the version without buttons and use the system for applications with external controls or other operating concepts like cam switches or rocker switches.

Built-on or Mounting-on version

The mounting-on version you are getting a closed enclosure and you decide yourself where to place your solution to your application. For this different mounting options are available.

With the built-on version you are able to place the housing system directly to the motor terminal block. A various range of different versions and subenclosures are ensuring the fixation to your demand.

Add-on components

The easy to assemble add-on additional components like plug covers, coupling holders, button covers, capacitor tubes and many more expanding the system to a variety of additional solutions.

A various range of add-on components such as electronic modules, limiter switches, terminal blocks, built in sockets and much are available to design the right solution for your application.

Add-on components for switching and protecting

The modular design enables the installation of different switching and protecting devices like:

  • contactor BR-01
  • built in switch TP3251
  • rocker switches
  • cam switches
  • overload protection
  • limiter switches
  • and many more


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